Bako Sand Drags

Robert and Christy Garnas have been putting on the Bako Sand Drags during the Central Valley Sportsman Boat and RV Show for 9 years. Robert has been racing for over 23 years. Christy has been helping with running the ladders at numerous events, and has also been racing for over 11 years. They have traveled the West Coast and as far east as Louisiana to race their quads. They have raced in races put on by the NSDA, ASDA, PSDRA, SCSDA, Kingman Sand Drags, Oregon Sand Drags and Avenal Sand Drags.

Sand Drag racing is done on a dirt/sand track. The surface is “fluffed” with the use of tractors and dragging devices. The track is 100yds/300ft. There are two different classes of racers, the first are Pro racers and the second are Sportsman racers. The racers use a lighting system known in the drag racing industry as a “Christmas Tree”. Depending on what class is racing, will depend on how the lights on the tree drop. The lights on a Pro tree drop all at the same time, and the lights on a Sportsman tree drops one at a time. It is a lot like the NHRA, just done in the dirt and on a shorter track.

Last year there were 496 race entries, with the special event Doughboy Race.  The fastest pass a bike has made at the event was a pass at 3.36 seconds at over 100 miles per hour. There will be some of the fastest bikes on the West Coast trying to beat that time. Some of the bikes that will be coming out will be running close to 100mph and getting to the finish line in just over 3 seconds. There will be racers coming in from Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Michigan, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and all over California.

There will be index racing and bracket racing, heads-up racing and also a class for kids.

Come on out and watch some of the fastest bikes on the West Coast. Racing will start Wednesday March 8, through Sunday, March 12, during the Fred Hall Central Valley Sports Show.


For more information contact Christy at, 661.301.9949, or Robert Garnas at or 661.213.6783