Brandon Hayward Will Crack the Swordfish Code

Brandon Hayward - SwordfishFrom deckhand to outdoor writer to local guide and now editor of his own saltwater fishing journal, Brandon Hayward will bring these experiences to the seminar.  A 100-ton Masters License Captain, Hayward splits his time between his several boats,  ( you can book a trip with Brandon at Bight Sportfishing) and writing and editing his saltwater journal, The Bight.  He used to be known widely for running 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. trips for tanker white seabass.  But his expertise extends beyond white seabass.  As a matter of fact, Brandon got so tired of being pigeon-holed that a few years ago Brandon announced that he was doing his last WSB seminar at the Fred Hall Show. Hayward also fishes the local islands like Catalina and San Clemente and has fished from Point Conception to Northern Baja.

He is in extreme demand as an angler and as a speaker.  His seminars are, often, standing room only.  Last year at the shows Brandon spoke about the resurgence of the bluefin tuna fishery.  He says, “The last couple of seasons bluefin fishing was the stuff of 1900s lore.  It also presented a challenge not seen in local waters since the Zane Grey era.”  He knew how to face those challenges and prepare other anglers to face them.Brandon Hayward - Swordfish

However, for this year Brandon wants to change gears again.  Brandon has decided to help the local anglers with the “emerging” deep set swordfish fishery.  Catching swordfish, once a rarity, has become an accessible possibility.  Brandon wants to help anglers to realize that possibility.  He will be giving a seminar on the Accurate Fishing Tackle Main Seminar Stage.  It will be called….”Swordfish, Cracking the Code”.  This seminar will only be one time at 3:00pm on Saturday.  I’m going to be there

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