Guy Jeans…An Enlightened Fly Fisherman

There used to be a substantial fly-fishing presence at the Fred Hall Shows.  But, over the last several years the fly-fishing industry has decided that they would rather not interact with the “bait fishermen”.  So, they have decided to not participate in the Fred Hall Shows and instead just talk to the same old customers at events that don’t invite regular anglers.  Over 30% of Fred Hall Show attendees say that they want to learn how to fly-fish.  So that task has fallen on a few of the enlightened fly fishers like Gary Gunsolley, Frank Selby and Guy Jeans.  These folks want to speak to you.  They want to teach you how to fly fish.  They want to make you a better angler.

The fly-fishing exhibitor with the largest display at the show is Guy Jeans.  Guy has been attending the Fred Hall Shows for a long time.  Over that time literally thousands of people have come from the shows to  his shop in Kern County to take fly fishing classes.  He is a patient and experienced teacher.

Guy Jeans is a fly-fishing Guide and Kern River Fly Shop owner. He has been fly-fishing the Southern Sierra over 30 years.  He currently spends over 200 days a year guiding on the waters that cover a major portion of the Southern Sierra region, Sequoia National Forest and the Golden Trout Wilderness.  The majority of Guy’s time is spent on the Kern River and its tributaries, where anglers come from all over the world to catch three of California’s Native Trout, found only in their native streams throughout the Southern Sierra. These trout are California’s Golden Trout, the Kern River Rainbow and the Little Kern Golden. In addition to guiding along the Kern River, Guy’s guiding and teaching has led him to host trips and guide in North Western Montana, as well as provide casting clinics at numerous sports shows and events throughout California. He also teaches fly-fishing in the California surf.

Guy was born and raised in the beautiful coastal town of Ventura, California, where he enjoyed surfing and fishing. In addition to these activities, Guy made a living composing, writing and performing music for various bands as a pianist/singer.  As a musician traveling to different areas of the west to perform, he discovered the Kern River and many other waters of the Southern Sierra. The love Guy developed for the waters he encountered over 30 years ago eventually led to pioneering a fly-fishing guide service, a fly-fishing school and opening, “Kern River Fly Shop”. In Guy’s spare time, he still performs today with his newly created band, “Stoneflys”.  While promoting their CD, “Emergence” they perform at music festivals and various benefit concerts to raise money for breast cancer research and educational foundations.

Guy is recognized as a Certified Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and in 2012, received the “Lee Wulff Award” from the IFFF. He is the host of the critically acclaimed DVDs, Volume I “Sierra Fly Fishing – The Lower Kern River” and Volume II, “The Kern River in the Golden Trout Wilderness”. Guy occasionally writes fly fishing articles for magazines and newspapers such as Southwest Fly-Fishing Magazine. Throughout the year, Guy lectures and teaches at various clubs and events on the fly-fishing opportunities of the Southern Sierra. He is a contractual fly designer for Solitude Fly Company.  Guy’s most popular design, the “Kern Emerger” series, is sold and fished internationally.

Guy is recognized as a Pro Staff member for Redington Fly Rods and Hatch Reels.  In addition, he is a Simms Guide Ambassador for Simms fishing products.

Guy will have his regular booth on the 100 row at the Long Beach Show and will be giving daily seminars at the Mammoth Lakes Seminar Area.  Stop by his booth and catch one of his seminars.  You’ll be glad you did.