Standard Booth Design and Regulations

Basic Booth Guidelines

Exhibitors may not obstruct the visibility of neighboring booths.

Standard display booth measures 10′ deep by 10′ wide. It is equipped with an aluminum frame and curtain back and side panels. The back of the display is 8′ tall and two side panels measure 3’tall. Larger booths such as 10’x 20′, 10’x 30′, etc. have the same back, however the sides are only on the ends.
Exhibitors are allowed to display no higher than 2′ above the top of the 8′  back curtain (a total of 10 feet tan In other words, the maximum height of your display cannot exceed 10 feet at the back of your booth. This includes signs, banners, fish and animal mounts, etc.
The sides of your display cannot exceed 4′ tall once they are four feet out from the back wall of the display. This is one foot above the curtained side panels provided.

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs that are displayed above the curtained back wall of your booth cannot have printing on the backside. In other words you cannot have your name printed on opposite side of your display to be seen by attendees on the aisle behind you. This creates an infringement on the other exhibitors. Overhead signs and banners cannot have pricing information on them. It is critical that your signs and banners appear neat and in good taste. The backsides must appear finished and clean. Show Management reserves the right to ask you to remove any sign or banner they deem inappropriate or distractive. I f you have any questions about this, contact Fred Hall & Associates prior to the show.

Canopies and Tops

Booths are not allowed to use canopies or tops without prior approval from Show Management. Their use creates a violation of the basic booth regulations and blocks the view of neighboring exhibitors.

Rods, Outriggers, Antennas, etc.

Displaying long, unpackaged products that exceed the 10′ maximum height restriction is permitted. These items cannot have banners or signs displayed on them with the exception of fishing rods that may have the standard “rod-flag” attached.


If you have a special circumstance that you believe warrants additional consideration, please contact Fred Hall & Associates to request a variant. You will need to submit your request in writing describing and illustrating your booth design no later than 60 days before the set-up date of the show.


Maximum height of display not to exceed 10 ft. This is 2 ft above the curtained back wall of booth.

Side panels of display cannot exceed 4 ft. tall once they are 4 ft. out from the back wall.

Overhead banners cannot have printing on the backside. No pricing allowed on overhead signs or banners.

Standard Booth Design and Regulations