My Ram Truck Experience

Ram4About 30 years ago, I reached out to Chrysler/Dodge and asked them to be a show sponsor.  The person I worked with was an angler and he thought it would be a good idea.  So, we did it and Dodge/Chrysler and all of their vehicles, especially trucks, were placed all around the shows.  I remember a friend of mine, who at the time was CEO of Gerber Baby Food, coming to the show and remarking that Dodge must have spent a lot of money because of the volume of vehicles that were everywhere.  The truth is that the sponsorship was rather modest but I wanted to make certain that they had a great show…and they did.  My contact said it was the best event they had EVER done.  It was so successful, and therefore he was so successful, that Dodge in Detroit wanted him to come back there with a new title and a pay raise.  He left.  The new person that took his place didn’t fish and didn’t think that a fishing show was the right place for Dodge.

Then, a little over a decade ago I ran into a guy that loved the Fred Hall Shows and he thought that having Ram trucks in the show would be a great idea.  He is a friend and an angler and a hunter.  He understood that nearly 80% of Fred Hall Show attendees drive a truck or a large SUV, AND that nearly 30% own two of the category (two trucks, two SUV’s, a truck and an SUV, etc.).  Unfortunately, there was no money in his budget for the show so we got creative and over a decade later Ram is a fixture at the Fred Hall Shows.  They are the perpetual sponsor of the Ultimate Air Dogs, have a beautiful display and have trucks all over the events.

One day recently, Mike Lum and I took my friend and his guests to Oak Tree Gun Club.  We were there to shoot sporting clays.  My friend is a Ram great shot but, because of some orthopedic problems, I am a terrible shot.  Mike Lum is not only a good shot but a very good shooting instructor.  Most of the guests of my friend were not familiar with sporting clays.  By the end of the day Mike had them looking like experts.  We had a great time and, when we were finished shooting, went back to the Oak Tree restaurant for a sandwich and a beer.

My friend had asked me a strange question before we took off to come to Oak Tree.  He asked if I was driving in the same car with Mike.  I said yes.  He said good.  Then, when we were all ready to leave, he took me over to a Ram 2500 Super Duty Turbo Diesel Truck and said, “here are the keys”.  I looked at him dumbfounded.  He said, “it’s yours until the shows are over.  You told me before, that you had some magnetic signs that attached to a truck that were Fred Hall Show signs.  I want you to put them on this vehicle and drive it until show time”.

And that is what I have done.  Literally thousands of people have driven by me and given me the ”thumbs up” sign when they see this truck and the Fred Hall Show signs.  A parking lot attendant recently allowed me to park in a restricted lot because he loved the truck and was a Fred Hall Show fan.  When we were trying to leave the parking lot, he went out into traffic to make sure we could get out all right.

Ram             This truck is the best large vehicle that I have EVER driven.  It is extremely comfortable, rides like a dream, has an automatic running board that helps you get in and then retracts…and…it gets great gas mileage.  I’m getting about 22 miles per gallon.  I know, it’s hard to believe, but that’s what I’m getting.  This truck, with the Fred Hall Show signage, will be on display at the upcoming Fred Hall Shows.  I love this truck and will be very sad to see it go.  Take a look at the 2020 Ram trucks at the Fred Hall Shows.  Ram is the Motor trend Truck of the Year.  When you see them up close, you’ll know why.