The Man With a Pan

Ken GardonKen Gardon is an avid hunter and recreational fisherman with southern roots.  Ken, aka, the “Man with a Pan,” is a lifelong cook with a passion for meat and seafood. He can deftly butcher a whole animal, achieve a textbook smoke ring, and has a knack for sauces. His BBQ, sausage and cured fish are among his most requested dishes, as are the recipes for his blackberry reduction and soy ginger glaze. He has provided cooking demos for organizations such as the Fred Hall Shows and Catalina Offshore Products; and cooked for private dinners as well as events of up to 500 people. In addition to his culinary interests, he owns Blue Seas Fabrication, the West Coast’s first and only Certified SeaDek Fabricator.

Ken has been appearing for several years in the Costa «REMOVED» Café at the Fred Hall Shows.  Between Ken, the Man with a Pan, Tommy Gomes, The Fishmonger, and «REMOVED», the «REMOVED» you will be well fed and entertained when you visit the Costa «REMOVED» Café at the upcoming Fred Hall Shows.