The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show

Progressive brings
The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show
to the Fred Hall Show

Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show When you want great old fashioned, fun, family entertainment, the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show is where it’s at.  Lumberjacks have been around for hundreds of years.  At one time there were over 500,000 lumberjacks in the United States alone.  Lumberjacks were famous for resisting change and modern equipment and for using their strength and athletic abilities to do the dangerous work of felling and preparing trees for domestic use..  This culture of strength and danger has led to the modern “lumberjack competitions”, like you see at the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack show.

The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show has been performing at logging shows, sports shows, county fairs, festivals and theme parks for over 32 years.  They have performed all over the world including Japan, Europe and Africa.  The have “Ironjacks” that compete in all of the lumberjack events including: log rolling; chopping; crosscut sawing, axe throwing, hot saw competitions and, or course, tree climbing.

The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack show is great family entertainment.  They use quality lumberjack competitors known as Timberjacks or Ironjacks, from around the world. These are the same competitors you see on the televised competitions.

The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack show will give the audience lots of “Timber History”.  They show how the logging skills were used years ago, and compare it to today’s logging.  For example, years ago the lumberjacks used a crosscut saw to cut down their trees, and today they use the chainsaw.  In the Paul Bunyan lumberjack show they have a competition between a chainsaw and the old fashioned muscle driven crosscut saw.  It’s muscle against machine!  You’ll also see the lumberjacks us the New Zealand speed axes to cut down a tree in a matter of seconds.  This is real, dangerous, competition at it’s best.

The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show is an action packed, fun filled, old time Lumberjack Show with champion Lumberjacks.  Thanks to Progressive for bringing them back to the Fred Hall Shows.  They will be performing twice a day at the shows during the week and Sunday and three times on Saturdays . The Fred Hall Show is March 6-10 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Stop by the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show while visiting the Fred Hall Show, you’ll be glad you did.